Interface TcITpmKeyNew

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TcTpmKey12New, TcTpmKeyNew

public interface TcITpmKeyNew
extends TcITpmKey

This class is a common interface for TcTpmKeyNew (1.1 TPM Spec) and TcTpmKey12New (1.2 TPM Spec). This interface has no functionality. It's only purpose is that it is used in PBG functions where both, TcTpmKeyNew and TcTpmKey12New can be passed as arguments (e.g. CreateWrapKey).

Method Summary
Methods inherited from interface iaik.tc.tss.api.structs.tpm.TcITpmKey
getAlgorithmParms, getAuthDataUsage, getEncData, getEncoded, getEncSize, getKeyFlags, getKeyUsage, getPcrInfo, getPcrInfoSize, getPubKey, setAlgorithmParms, setAuthDataUsage, setEncData, setKeyFlags, setKeyUsage, setPcrInfo, setPubKey, toString