Class TcTpmKey12New

  extended by TcBasicTypeDecoder
      extended by TcCompositeTypeDecoder
          extended by TcTpmKey12
              extended by TcTpmKey12New
All Implemented Interfaces:
TcITpmKey, TcITpmKeyNew

public class TcTpmKey12New
extends TcTpmKey12
implements TcITpmKeyNew

This class extends TcTpmKey. The only differnece is that both, encData and encDataSize are set to 0 (UINT32). This is a requirement for a new key (i.e. a key to be created inside the TPM).

Constructor Summary
          Constructor - see superclass for details
TcTpmKey12New(TcBlobData data)
          Constructor - see superclass for details
TcTpmKey12New(TcBlobData data, int offset)
          Constructor - see superclass for details
TcTpmKey12New(TcCompositeTypeDecoder composite)
          Constructor - see superclass for details
Method Summary
 TcBlobData getEncoded()
          This method encodes the TPM_KEY12 as a byte blob.
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Constructor Detail


public TcTpmKey12New()
Constructor - see superclass for details

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public TcTpmKey12New(TcBlobData data)
Constructor - see superclass for details

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public TcTpmKey12New(TcBlobData data,
                     int offset)
Constructor - see superclass for details

See Also:
TcCompositeTypeDecoder.TcCompositeTypeDecoder(iaik.tc.tss.api.structs.common.TcBlobData, int)


public TcTpmKey12New(TcCompositeTypeDecoder composite)
Constructor - see superclass for details

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Method Detail


public TcBlobData getEncoded()
This method encodes the TPM_KEY12 as a byte blob.

Specified by:
getEncoded in interface TcITpmKey
getEncoded in class TcTpmKey12
byte blob to be passed to other layers (e.g. TSS)