This package contains TSP level structs.


Class Summary
TcTssCallback This class implements the TSS callback functionality conforming with the TSS 1.2 specification.
TcTssEventCert This class implements the certificate the be used for events of type TSS_EV_CODE_CERT.
TcTssKmKeyinfo This class provides information about a key registered in the TSS Persistent Storage.
TcTssKmKeyinfo2 This class is identical to TcTssKmKeyinfo except that it additionally includes the key's storage type.
TcTssPcrEvent This class provides information about an individual PCR extend event.
TcTssPlatformClass This structure identifies the class of a platform.
TcTssUuid This structure provides information about an UUID identifier that is unique within a particular key hierarchy for a given platform.
TcTssValidation The TcTssValidation structure provides the ability to verify signatures and validation digests built over certain TPM command parameters.
TcTssVersion This structure allows the TSS Service Provider to communicate with outside entities as to the version of the TPM, TSS Core Service or TSS ServiceProvider.
TcUuidFactory This factory returns TcUuid objects for well known UUIDs (as specified by the TCG).

Package Description

This package contains TSP level structs. These classes are Java equivalents of their native C counterparts in the TSS.