Interface Summary
TcIAttributes This interface defines methods that are in common for all objects that support setting or getting UINT32 and data attributes.
TcIAuthObject This class implements common methods for all auth objects.
TcIContext The Context class represents a context of a connection to the TSS Core Service running on the local or a remote TCG system.
TcIEncData This class can be used to join externally (e.
TcIHash A hash value represents a unique value corresponding to a particular set of bytes.
TcIMigData This class is used with Certified Migratable Keys (CMKs) to hold properties and migratable data blobs when passing them between APIs.
TcIMonotonicCtr This class is used to store information about a monotonic counter inside the TPM, for use when defining, releasing, reading or incrementing such a counter.
TcINvRam This class is used to store the attributes of a region of non volatile RAM inside the TPM, for use when defining, releasing, reading or writing such a region.
TcIPcrComposite The contents of the platform configuration register (PCR) of a TCG system can be used to establish a confidence level for this system.
TcIPolicy The Policy class represents information authorization data (secrets), authorization data handling and the assigned authorized objects like key objects or encrypted data objects.
Secret Lifetime: If an application uses the mode TSS_SECRET_LIFETIME_COUNTER or TSS_SECRET_LIFETIME_TIMER, the application has to be aware that during a command processing the secret may be invalidated because of a time out or because the counter runs out.
TcIRsaKey The key class defined by the TSS service provider represents an entry into the TCG key handling functionality.
TcITpm One purpose of the TPM class is to represent the owner for a TCG subsystem (TPM).
TcIWorkingObject This interface forms a basis for all top-level TSP objects that are used by TSS based applications.

Class Summary
TcTssAbstractFactory This class defines the minimal set of methods that has to be implemented by inheriting TSS factory classes.
TcTssContextFactory This factory provides the Context object.