Interface TcIWorkingObject

All Known Subinterfaces:
TcIContext, TcIEncData, TcIHash, TcIMigData, TcIPcrComposite, TcIPolicy, TcIRsaKey, TcITpm
All Known Implementing Classes:
TcAuthObject, TcContext, TcEncData, TcHash, TcMigData, TcMonotonicCtr, TcNvRam, TcPcrCompositeBase, TcPcrCompositeInfo, TcPcrCompositeInfoLong, TcPcrCompositeInfoShort, TcPolicy, TcRsaKey, TcTpm, TcWorkingObject, WrapTcPcrCompositeInfoShort

public interface TcIWorkingObject

This interface forms a basis for all top-level TSP objects that are used by TSS based applications. These objects are referred to was working objects by the TSS specification.