Class WrapTcPcrCompositeInfoShort

  extended by iaik.tc.tss.impl.java.tsp.TcAttributes
      extended by iaik.tc.tss.impl.java.tsp.TcWorkingObject
          extended by iaik.tc.tss.impl.java.tsp.TcPcrCompositeBase
              extended by iaik.tc.tss.impl.java.tsp.TcPcrCompositeInfoShort
                  extended by iaik.tc.tss.impl.java.tsp.internal.offline.WrapTcPcrCompositeInfoShort
All Implemented Interfaces:
TcIAttributes, TcIPcrComposite, TcIWorkingObject

public class WrapTcPcrCompositeInfoShort
extends TcPcrCompositeInfoShort

A wrapping around TcPcrCompositeInfoShort.
With this wrapping it is easy to calculate composite hashes without the need of a present TPM.
This wrapping also allows to get access to the internal TcTpmPcrInfoShort struct via getPcrInfoShort() method.

Field Summary
static int NUM_PCRS
Method Summary
static WrapTcPcrCompositeInfoShort getInstance()
          Create an instance of WrapTcPcrCompositeInfoShort
 TcTpmPcrInfoShort getPcrInfoShort()
 void selectPcrIndex(long pcrIndex)
          This method selects a PCR index inside a PCR composite object using the 1.1 TcTpmPcrInfo structure.
Methods inherited from class iaik.tc.tss.impl.java.tsp.TcPcrCompositeInfoShort
getPcrCompositeHash, getPcrLocality, selectPcrIndexEx, setPcrLocality, setPcrValue, toString
Methods inherited from class iaik.tc.tss.impl.java.tsp.TcPcrCompositeBase
getAttribPcrStruct, getPcrValue, setAttribPcrStruct
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getAttribData, getAttribUint32, setAttribData, setAttribUint32
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equals, getClass, hashCode, notify, notifyAll, wait, wait, wait
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getAttribData, getAttribUint32, setAttribData, setAttribUint32

Field Detail


public static final int NUM_PCRS
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Method Detail


public TcTpmPcrInfoShort getPcrInfoShort()


public void selectPcrIndex(long pcrIndex)
Description copied from interface: TcIPcrComposite
This method selects a PCR index inside a PCR composite object using the 1.1 TcTpmPcrInfo structure. If the PcrComposite object is using another structure than TcTpmPcrInfo, this function throws a TcTssException with an TcTssErrors.TSS_E_INVALID_OBJ_ACCESS error code.

Specified by:
selectPcrIndex in interface TcIPcrComposite
selectPcrIndex in class TcPcrCompositeInfoShort
pcrIndex - The index of the PCR to select.


public static WrapTcPcrCompositeInfoShort getInstance()
Create an instance of WrapTcPcrCompositeInfoShort