Interface PendingRequest

All Superinterfaces:
XMessageAbstractType, XRequestAbstractType
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public interface PendingRequest
extends XRequestAbstractType

Request the result of a finished (previously) pending request.

[111] The PendingRequest element is used to request the result of a previously presented request for which the ResultMajor code 'Pending' was returned. The PendingRequest element inherits the element and attributes of XRequestAbstractType and the following attribute:
ResponseId [Required]
The value of the Id attribute sent in the original response containing the ResultMajor code 'Pending'.

[112] If the value of ResponseId is unknown to the service the result 'Sender.UnknownResponseId' is returned.

[112a] The RespondWith element MUST NOT be present inside a PendingRequest element.

Method Summary
 NCName getResponseId()
          Gets ResponseId of this request.
 void setResponseId(NCName id)
          Sets ResponseId of this request.
Methods inherited from interface XRequestAbstractType
acceptPending, acceptRepresent, acceptRequestSignatureValue, addRespondWith, addResponseMechanism, getOriginalRequestId, getPendingNotification, getRespondWith, getResponseLimit, getResponseMechanism, removeRespondWith, removeResponseMechanism, setOriginalRequestId, setPendingNotification, setResponseLimit
Methods inherited from interface XMessageAbstractType
addDefaults, addOpaqueClientData, clearOpaqueClientData, getId, getMessageName, getNonce, getOpaqueClientData, getRequestSignatureValue, getService, getSignatureCertificate, hasSignature, isValid, setId, setNonce, setService, setSignature, toString

Method Detail


void setResponseId(NCName id)
Sets ResponseId of this request.

id - new value for ResponseId


NCName getResponseId()
Gets ResponseId of this request.

ResponseId of this request