Package iaik.xkms

IAIK XKMS protocol core package.


Interface Summary
Authentication Authentication for a key binding in an XKRSS request.
CompoundRequest Make multiple XKMS requests at the same time.
CompoundResult Response to a CompoundRequest.
KeyBinding A particular key binding and its current status is known (to the issuer).
KeyInfo KeyInfo data of KeyBindings.
LocateRequest Request key information without expecting trustworthyness of result.
LocateResult Response of a LocateRequest.
PendingRequest Request the result of a finished (previously) pending request.
PrototypeKeyBinding A template used to specify the key binding parameters requested in a registration request.
QueryKeyBinding A template used to specify one or more key bindings using query by example.
RecoverKeyBinding A KeyBinding used in RecoverRequests.
RecoverRequest Request the recovery of the private key associated with a previously issued key binding.
RecoverResult Response of a RecoverRequest.
RegisterRequest Request information to be bound to a public key pair.
RegisterResult Response of a RegisterRequest.
ReissueKeyBinding A KeyBinding used in ReissueRequests
ReissueRequest Request reissue of a previously registered key binding.
ReissueResult Response of a ReissueRequest.
Result Generic result message.
RevokeKeyBinding A KeyBinding used in RevokeRequests.
RevokeRequest Request revocation of a previously registered key binding.
RevokeResult Response of a RevokeRequest.
StatusRequest Request to return the status of a pending request.
StatusResult Status of a pending request.
UnverifiedKeyBinding A particular key binding and its current status is NOT known (to the issuer).
ValidateRequest Request key information and expect assertion to specific validation criteria.
ValidateResult Response of a ValidateRequest.
XKeyBindingAbstractType Abstract base type from which all XKMS key bindings are derived.
XKISSRequest Base interface for all XKISS requests.
XKRSSRequest Base interface for all XKRSS requests.
XKRSSResult Base interface for all XKRSS results.
XMessageAbstractType Abstract base type from which all XKMS messages are derived.
XPrivateKey Private key parameters returned by the service.
XRequestAbstractType Abstract base type from which all XKMS request messages are derived.
XResultType Abstract base type from which all XKMS result messages are derived.

Class Summary
NCName Represents an NCName according to the XML namespace declaration.
Secret Conversion functions of limited-use shared secret data into cryptographic keys.
UseKeyWith Application identifier constants for common application protocols.
XKMSClient XKMS commandline demonstration client.
XKMSContext Start here :-)

Enum Summary
KeyInfoType KeyInfo content object types constant definitions.
KeyUsage KeyBinding KeyUsage constant definitions.
RespondWith RespondWith constant definitions.
ResponseMechanism ResponseMechanism constant definitions.
ResultMajor ResultMajor codes.
ResultMinor ResultMinor codes.
SecretAlgorithm Constants for symmetric encryption algorithms.
Validity Summary validity codes in a KeyBinding status.
ValidityReason Validity reasons in a KeyBinding status.

Exception Summary
XKMSException Base class for all exceptions in the XKMS framework.

Package iaik.xkms Description

IAIK XKMS protocol core package.