Interface RecoverRequest

All Superinterfaces:
XKRSSRequest, XMessageAbstractType, XRequestAbstractType

public interface RecoverRequest
extends XKRSSRequest

Request the recovery of the private key associated with a previously issued key binding.

[263] A Registration service MAY support key recovery. For key recovery to be possible the private key to be recovered MUST have been previously escrowed with the recovery service, for example by means of the X-KRSS registration of a server generated key. A key recovery request is similar to the initial registration of a key except that since the registration service might not have a record of the key binding to be recovered the result code 'NotFound' MAY be returned.

[264] The key recovery service is likely to require time to respond to the recovery request. Clients supporting key recovery SHOULD support asynchronous processing.

[265] The security policy of the issuer MAY consider the key recovery process itself as an actual or potential compromise of the recovered key and thus require the revocation of all associated key bindings, particularly if the key recovery was requested by a third party such as the supervisor of the key holder.

[323] The recover request message contains a <RecoverRequest> element that contains the following elements:
<RecoverKeyBinding> [Required]
Identifies the key binding to be recovered.
<Authentication> [Required]
Information that authenticates the request.

Method Summary
 RecoverKeyBinding getRecoverKeyBinding()
          Gets the RecoverKeyBinding of this request
 void setRecoverKeyBinding(RecoverKeyBinding rkb)
          Sets the RecoverKeyBinding of this request
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Method Detail


RecoverKeyBinding getRecoverKeyBinding()
Gets the RecoverKeyBinding of this request

the RecoverKeyBinding of this request


void setRecoverKeyBinding(RecoverKeyBinding rkb)
Sets the RecoverKeyBinding of this request