Interface ValidateResult

All Superinterfaces:
XMessageAbstractType, XResultType

public interface ValidateResult
extends XResultType

Response of a ValidateRequest.

[226] The validate response message contains a <ValidateResult> element with:
<KeyBinding> [Any Number]
A sequence of <KeyBinding> key bindings that match the key binding query specified in the corresponding request. If no results are found the sequence is empty and the result code 'NoMatch' is returned. In some circumstances a Validate operation MAY return multiple matching results.

Method Summary
 void addKeyBinding(KeyBinding kb)
          Adds a KeyBinding to this result.
 List<KeyBinding> getKeyBinding()
          Gets a List of all KeyBindings of this result.
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Method Detail


void addKeyBinding(KeyBinding kb)
Adds a KeyBinding to this result.

kb - KeyBinding to add


List<KeyBinding> getKeyBinding()
Gets a List of all KeyBindings of this result.

a List of all KeyBindings of this result