Interface LocateRequest

All Superinterfaces:
XKISSRequest, XMessageAbstractType, XRequestAbstractType

public interface LocateRequest
extends XKISSRequest

Request key information without expecting trustworthyness of result.

[141] The X-KISS Locate service resolves a <ds:Keyinfo> element but does NOT REQUIRE the service to make an assertion concerning the validity of the binding between the data in the <ds:Keyinfo> element.

[142] The XKMS service MAY resolve the <ds:Keyinfo> element using local data or MAY relay request to other servers. For example the XKMS service might resolve a <ds:RetrievalMethod> element or act as a gateway to an underlying PKI based on a non-XML syntax.

[145] Both the request and/or the response MAY be signed, to both authenticate the sender and protect the integrity of the data being transmitted, using an XML Signature.

[160] A Location service SHOULD attempt to provide only information which is trustworthy to the best of its knowledge but does not provide any assurance that it will do so. Information obtained from a Locate service SHOULD NOT be relied upon unless it is validated. Validation may be achieved by forwarding the data to a Validate service or by performing the necessary trust path verification locally.

[162] The Locate service provides a key discovery function that is neutral with respect to the validation criteria that the client application may apply.

[218] The Locate service accepts as input a <QueryKeyBinding> element that specifies a key binding and returns one or more <UnverifiedKeyBinding> elements that relate to the same public key. The <UnverifiedKeyBinding> elements returned are specified by the RespondWith element in the request.

[219] The request message contains a <LocateRequest> element that contains the following element.
<QueryKeyBinding> [Required]
The key binding query to be matched in the response.

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