Interface UnverifiedKeyBinding

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KeyBinding, RecoverKeyBinding, ReissueKeyBinding, RevokeKeyBinding

public interface UnverifiedKeyBinding
extends XKeyBindingAbstractType

A particular key binding and its current status is NOT known (to the issuer).

[188] The <UnverifiedKeyBinding> element is derived from the XKeyBindingAbstractType. It describes a key binding but makes no assertion regarding the status of the key binding.

[189] The <UnverifiedKeyBinding> element extends the XKeyBindingAbstractType with the following additional elements:
<ValidityInterval> [Optional]
The time interval for which the key binding relationship is requested to be asserted.

Method Summary
 Calendar[] getValidityInterval()
          Gets the validity interval of this UnverifiedKeyBinding.
 void setValidityInterval(Calendar notBefore, Calendar notOnOrAfter)
          Sets the validity interval of this UnverifiedKeyBinding.
Methods inherited from interface XKeyBindingAbstractType
addKeyUsage, addUseKeyWith, addUseKeyWith, getId, getKeyInfo, getKeyUsage, getUseKeyWithList, getUseKeyWithSize, removeKeyUsage, setId, setKeyInfo

Method Detail


void setValidityInterval(Calendar notBefore,
                         Calendar notOnOrAfter)
Sets the validity interval of this UnverifiedKeyBinding.

notBefore - start of the validity interval
notOnOrAfter - end of the validty interval


Calendar[] getValidityInterval()
Gets the validity interval of this UnverifiedKeyBinding.

The first element is a Calendar object for NotBefore, the second for NotOnOrAfter. If the values are not set, the array contains null.

a Calendar[] specifying the validity interval.