Interface CompoundResult

All Superinterfaces:
XMessageAbstractType, XResultType

public interface CompoundResult
extends XResultType

Response to a CompoundRequest.

[78] The response to a compound request is a compound response. A compound response consists of an outer response and zero or more inner responses. If the ResultMajor value of the outer response is 'Success' the compound response SHOULD contain an inner response response element corresponding to each inner request element of the compound request. If the the ResultMajor value of the outer response is not 'Success' the response MUST NOT contain any inner responses. If a compound response has an outer ResultMajor value 'Success' but does not contain a response corresponding to an inner request, that inner request is assumed to have failed.

Element <CompoundResult>
[130] The <CompoundResult> element is used to respond to a <CompoundRequest>. If the compound result has the ResultMajor value 'Success' it contains multiple responses corresponding to the multiple requests specified in the <CompoundRequest>. The <CompoundResult> element inherits the element and attributes of XResultType together with the following additional elements in any order:
<LocateResult> [Any Number]
An XKMS Locate Result.
<ValidateResult> [Any Number]
An XKMS Validate Result.
<RegisterResult> [Any Number]
An XKMS Register Result.
<ReissueResult> [Any Number]
An XKMS Reissue Result.
<RecoverResult> [Any Number]
An XKMS Recover Result.
<RevokeResult> [Any Number]
An XKMS Revoke Result.

Method Summary
 void addResult(XResultType result)
          Adds another result to this CompoundResult.
 int getNumResults()
          Gets number of results.
 List<XResultType> getResults()
          Gets a list of contained results.
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addStandardReplyData, getRequestId, getRequestSignatureValue, getResultMajor, getResultMinor, setRequestId, setRequestSignatureValue, setResultMajor, setResultMinor
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addDefaults, addOpaqueClientData, clearOpaqueClientData, getId, getMessageName, getNonce, getOpaqueClientData, getService, getSignatureCertificate, hasSignature, isValid, setId, setNonce, setService, setSignature, toString

Method Detail


void addResult(XResultType result)
               throws XKMSException
Adds another result to this CompoundResult.

result - result to add
XKMSException - if wrong result message was supplied


List<XResultType> getResults()
Gets a list of contained results.

Note: This returns a copy of the internal list.

a copy of the List of Result objects


int getNumResults()
Gets number of results.

number of results